Thursday, January 26, 2006

9 Lives ads

I have seen my photographs in The London Underground, on the back of buses and in the usual places. This is the first time they have been plastered around the bus!! Not the original shots for the buses but pretty cool still. :) I will know that I hit iconic if I could ever shoot a photo as famous as the one of Che Gevara.


ShutterBug said...

ooohh yeah ! nice!!

pfong said...

Seeing your images on the bus is very cool.

I think the Che portrait struck a chord with people because they associate the image with idea of idealistic youth that Che embodied through in his Motorcycle Diaries.

As a standalone portrait with no context, I'm not sure it would have become an icon. But I guess the same could be said of most of the images we consider to be iconic?

kiampa said...

congrats heng!

kiampa said...

hey man,

this was such a good find for me, i wanted to share it with you straight away:



Jemej said...

Hi, just passing by. Very beautiful and well taken pictures you have! Love the ones taken at Jodphur. With my current Fuji digi cam, I have a long way to go!

|- jX -| said...

wow.. did not know that these shots were done by you until now.. great works..