Saturday, January 07, 2006

A journey of love

The book that I am reading now, on this trip, is 'The Road less traveled' by M. Scott Peck. A lot of what is written in the book has been what has been on my mind in the last few months, but it puts into words what were vague ideas in my mind.

I know that love is a nurturing thing that brings us spiritual growth. We expand ourselves and we get wiser. Love is not falling in love, is not romantic love and is not dependency. If a relationship does not nurture growth, but causes dependency and fear, then it is not love.

To love, one must love oneself too. For the first time in my life, I really am contented to just be. I know that I have come some way in my photography and I have a path to pursue. I know that my services are of use to my clients and my knowledge is useful to people in photography that I come in contact with. I know that I have a long journey ahead of me, but I am not unhappy with who I am now. Sure I have shortcomings, who does not? What is important is that I treat the people I come in contact with with respect and love. Yet I know that I am not responsible for other people's shit. I know that I will not always make people happy, but happiness is everyone's own outlook. Irregardless of what I do and who I am, someone will be upset.

I need now to grow stronger so that I am able to undertake the trials that I will be faced with. It is also natural in growth to face struggle. To deny it is to deny growth. To cling to the past, does not bring happiness. In fact it gets really bad when the world moves on inevitably and you get left behind, sinking in denial.

I know that photography is only a means for me to travel a spiritual journey.

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