Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Wedding Day Photographers in Singapore

I have heard that some people are sad that I have stopped taking on wedding day assignments. It is just too tiring the way I shoot actual day weddings. I am constantly on the prowl on a wedding day. However, I am still shooting Bridal work as I take them to be portrait assignments and each work is unique. However, there are actual day photographers in Singapore who I think are individuals and bring the passion for photography to their work the same way I do. I guess I cannot be replaced directly, but these guys are photographers I can identify with and respect.

Here goes,

Kuang from 39 East Images
Eadwine from Plush Photography.
Ron from Ron Lee Photography.
Wan Sheng, a freelancer.

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Anonymous said...

hey heng!:)

thanks for that! and also for inviting us over for the preview of the rajasthan photos. they were fantastic!:) let me know if u ever put them into a book.