Thursday, January 05, 2006

Tagged by Deathwool

Okies. Am taking a bit of time off from travelling. :) I got tagged to do this by deathwool.

My name: heng
My childhood ambition: to be a lawyer because I watched Petrochelli.
My Fondest memory: Doing dance classes at London Contemporary Dance School
My soundtrack: Bach's Violin Partita, especially no. 2
My Retreat: Travelling exotic locations
My Wildest Dream: To own and life on a tropical island
My Proudest Moment: When I got my Phd.
My Biggest Challenge: living through life.
My Alarm Clock: is the thing that gets me up at 6am to go shoot weddings
My perfect day: is a day without fear
My First Job: teaching fortran to undergraduates
My indulgence: expresso
My Last purchase: Lunch, Butter chicken and vegetable pilau
My Favourite Movie: Spirited away
My inspiration: Beauty
My life: is a spiritual path

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Death Wool said...

eh hey=) real great of you to have done it! miniscule, but some insight nonetheless