Saturday, January 07, 2006

The photos im my mind

On a trip like this, it is inevitable that some things were not captured. Some of it is due to the fact that I decided to use the 17-40mm lens as my primary lens and am shooting wide angle most of the time. I do have an 85mm portrait lens on me but it takes time for me to put it on and use it. So some images just do not work on the wide angle lens. Sometimes I a prohibited from shooting because of religious reasons. The times the moments pass too quickly. Here are some images only in my mind

1. The bathing ghats of Pushkar in the morning sun.
2. The tomb of the Suffi saint in Ajmer
3. The elaborate carvings of the Eklengi temple
4. Squirrels playing on the roofs of many cities
5. A young shaven-headed boy, overturning a metal dish over his head as he tries to eat everything
6. The general chaos of the shops and bazaars in the villages. I have tried shooting this but I just cannot seem to get a shot that does not look plain messy.
7. The subtle hues of the coloured walls of buildings just after the sun has set. Sorry, photography just has certain limitations.
8. The numerous birds over my head as the sun set today in Jodhpur. I do not what birds they are exactly, but there were some birds of prey, kites, circling the air that simply looked majestic. I could not capture them even on the 85mm.

I am trying to bring readers of this blog with me on my journey. But really nothing can replace the actual experience. Obvious really.

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pfong said...

Thanks for having us along Heng. It's fascinating traveling with you.