Tuesday, January 03, 2006

What a wonderful world

Jaigargh Fort

Jaipur Old Town







Anonymous said...

hi ngiap heng,

after admiring the pictures for these few days... what can i say... they're simply BEAUTIFUL! i really appreciate how you capture the moods of people and colours of their world. i guess living in a off-city area really slows our pace of life and makes things moves more slowly. although they may miss out on more creature comforts than us folks in SG... i believe they do live a life fill with happiness and joy.

cheers and have a wonderful trip! do caapture more pics for us. :)

jimmy go

kiampa said...


s tsui said...

beautiful and touching images. i hope your trip is as enjoyable as the pictures you are sharing with us. :)

pfong said...

This is lovely portrait work. There is real engagement and contact with the people in the photos. Delightful.

Anonymous said...

hi ngiap heng

Enjoyed viewing ur pics very much. Feel tt u've captured the essence of the pple and places tt u shot. Certainly makes me want to visit India - a great feat considering how i used to think of India as a dirty and undeveloped place which i would stay far away from! ;)


Heng said...

Hi Pfong,

What are portraits but interactions? One has to open up to be able to receive. That being said, the Indian people are very giving. They do tend to ask for some money in return though. :)

Hi Charlene,

India is dirty, but if you look beyond that, there is a lot of beauty. Like anything in life, you take the good and the bad. I just chose to remember the beauty.