Thursday, February 02, 2006

Tibet Black and White

I have been kind of quiet not because of the Chinese New Year celebrations, but because I have been working very hard to understand Digital asset management. Trying to archive 6 years of work is not simple task. What I start now will probably take more than the 6 months of my sabbatical to finish. I will be reviewing my work for a long time to come. By the time I get past this backlog, I will probably be creating mountains of new work to archive.

One of the good things of this process is that I stumble across work like my black and white photos from Tibet. When I went to Tibet I shot with the X-pan panoramic camera and was more inclined to promote it. My black and whites were more or less for personal consumption. But I chose a few hoping that it would be published in the magazine Grain, but it never did. So here is a selection of a selection of my black and white Tibet shots.

I think that as I go through all the work that I have done in my 'professional' career, I will probably share stuff which is close to my heart.


Francis K said...

Great work! I can feel the mythical Tibet from your work.

jaizki said...


I see you did have a nice time in India, didn't you? Looks like you took the time to reflect, that time you needed so much. Happy to see that it worked. Some of your reflections were very close to what I think, others weren't tough, hope we have the time to talk before you leave for chicago because at the end of April I will be leaving singapore for good, back home, the long way, I think I told you. We will travel in a very different way anyway, backpacking and with limited resources but that's part of the fun. These tibet pictures you show now are fantastic, and very different to what you did in the last trip, they seem more spiritual to me, maybe is Tibet, who knows. By the way, I saw last week your sicily exhibition and I have to say that the locations is not very nice, the reflections on the protecting glass were very distracting and the colors didn't look so good, I could still see some of the italian character go through the pictures tough. When will your tete a tete second have be up? ciao.

Heng said...

Thanks for your comments guys. One thing I must say about travel photography is that you can only shoot what you see. And although the photographer can put a huge slant on what is shot, you can still only shoot what's there.

Yes. Citilink does have reflection issues. Still it is a free space for me and people do get to see my work.

Jaizki, call me. I leave on Geb 20.

pfong said...

A bit late with this, but I wanted to say that this is great set. I particularly liked the prayer wheel and the last one of the monk in the courtyard with rays of light.

Heng said...

Thanks Pfong. Once in a while I get a moment of grace.

wansheng said...

hey heng,

the last one is wonderful:) i hope u have a great trip to the states. take care and enjoy!:)