Sunday, February 19, 2006

Birth - Esther, Ian and Ethan

(Click on image for larger version.)

Somehow my personal projects always take a back seat. This is one thing that bugs me. Esther and Ian came to pose nude for me over 5 sessions, including the last one with their new born son. I did the last shoot some time last year and it must be close to a year before I managed to put this collage together. Sigh. I only managed to do this now because of the sabbatical. I need to set aside time to do personal work. I need to set aside time to exercise. Working like a dog without thinking is not the way to personal excellence.

Anyway, the final product looks great to me and I am so happy to have been able to do this project. I guess the blog version is relatively small, but I made a 15"x75" print of this on my Epson 4800. And really, it rocks!!

I need money to run my projects, but if all I do is chase after money just to run the office, then I might as well close shop and camp permanently at the seaside. It is these personal projects that make it all worthwhile.


sunflowr said...

I see the stages. Beautiful!

wansheng said...

hey! beautiful set of photos... i love the idea of the first one:)

i agree with the personal projects thingy...

...and if u decide to camp by the seaside, make sure it faces the east, so u get the sunrise:)