Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Back in London - My second home

Some of you might go - 'I thought he is going to Chicago. What's up?' I planned a week's stop in London to get used to the cold and to catch up with my brother and my sister. London is where I spent nine years of my life, some of the most important and happy years of my life. So London is like a second home to me. Whenever I am not in London, I imagine a piece of space the size and shape of me wandering the streets of London. :) So I am having a bit of real slack time before I go and work and chill my ass off in Chicago.

I think Eadwine is going to laugh after his misadventure with British Airways to Melbourne. Last year I had one strange incident with Indian airlines where the flight schedules changed and I had to wait 12 hours for a flight from Delhi to Jaipur. Then going to do a shoot in Jakarta, Garuda airlines cancelled the flight I had and made me wait 3 hours for the next one. I thought it could not happen again but it did. My British airways 747 had not one, but two technical problems. Once everyone had boarded the aircraft, engine number one would not start up. It took 2 hours for engineers to sort that out. Then as we were on the end of the runway, some warning signal about the hydraulics went on and we had to go back to the bay to get it fixed. So the 11.30pm flight left Singapore at 3.30am! Well, I got into London in one piece. :) I wonder what will happen on the next flight?


ead said...

well at least u're one piece (",)
bottom line!! im neverrrrrrrrrrrr everrrr gonna fly British arseways again hah!. damn i need another holiday....a real one.

kiampa said...

sounds like ba did its best to uphold its high standards of mediocrity.

what time shall we meet tomorrow? around seven is good for me.

i've run out of credit on my phone and i'm not topping up til later in the week - but if you need to get in touch with me urgently just e-mail or call +44 2077299840...

Anonymous said...

Oh no.... U did not cross your fingers hard enough when you checked in huh?? 3 IN A ROW MAN! Urrrgh... but at least you reach there safely. :)


seventh stranger said...

allo, i've been reading and following your stuff for awhile now. i like what i see. it's good that you like what you do. nice, very nice

Heng said...

I think we should all like what we do. When we do things just for the money, we don't really give our best. :)

Anonymous said...

hi ngiap heng,

have a fun and memorable stay in london b4 your internship.

saw your pics at the esplanade. excellent work! cheers!