Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Break over

Paddington Train Station

The Churchill Arms, London

Earl's Court from Earl's Court Tube station

My brother in his house

My brother's house

My brother's house

Bus Stop, London

Well, the break and climate adaptation is over. Chicago seems to be above freezing so I should be ready for it. So, I am going to start over again. I will probably not be taking that many photographs, but you know what, I think I need a break from taking photographs. I think it will be a great change to see Paul shoot and support him.

The next entry will be from the states!!


pfong said...

Nice set of pics. Your bro's house looks wonderful. All taken with the Fuji?

kiampa said...

ngiap heng, maybe you will find this photoblog interesting and fruitful. jose has good links to external photographers on each of his entries as well.


have a wonderful time in chicago!

kiampa said...

this one is for me.

what do you think of mark cohen's work?


do write to me privately if that's more suitable...

Heng said...

Hi Geoff,

Thanks for your links. Very nice.

I like Mark Cohen's work a lot. Not only are there interesting moments in his work. There is a sense of immediacy in his photographs, which I suspect comes from the usage of a wide angle lens. I think that it takes time for one to read the images, but the impact of the drama is immediate and inviting.