Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Jumping in in Chicago

London Car

London Car

Leaving Heathrow airport

Somewhere about Canada

Arriving in Chicago

It was an 8 hour flight from London to Chicago. The flight was nice. The immigration let me through but the customs guys tried their best to ask me hard questions but finally let me in. I guess they could not find a real reason to keep me out.

Paul and Leasha sent me a surprise to meet me at the airport. They have another intern who happens to be a Malaysian studying photography in Chicago. And Shin, the other intern picked me up. Oh. to travel half the world to Chicago to meet someone from Malaysia. How conincidental is that?

I was taken to a shoot immediately from the airport. At first I kind of felt stupid because I had no idea what was happening and was just standing freezing my ass off. Well, I just jumped in and helped when I could. Beats standing around in the cold looking like a fool. While shifiting light stands and sandbags, I thought that all those of you who have assisted me can have a good laugh thinking of your boss, now shifting sandbags for another photographer. But honestly folks, you want to learn the ropes, you gotta to pay the dues.

I did sneak a pic of the shoot but I am not going to put it up. I have no idea how senstive these things can be. If I can get clearance to put some pics up of the shoots I will.

I gotta sleep. As Chicago is 6 hours behind London, I have had a really long day. Instead of the normal 24 hour day, I am having a 30 hour day. :)

Just before I go, a quote from fashion designer, Nicole Farhi, that I read on the airplane magazine,
I am a fatalist - I will enjoy my life as long as I live and I'm not frightened its going to end. What frigthens me is what happens in the world, that people take the decision to make war for us and we can't say a word. I find it frightening that we are powerless, that we can help such a little bit in all our lives.


ShutterBug said...

Hey Heng,

glad that you have finally reach Chicago and off to your journey of learning :)

Indeed to lead, first, we must serve.
Keep us updated ya and keep warm!

kiampa said...

looks litke that little f11 is going to be great companion for the months head :)

have lots of film to develop/scan and still struggling to get more familiar with ricoh gr d (not to mention having to start to deal with the whole software-workflow postprocessing digital side of things) - took ill this week so theoretically had some time off to work on these things, but instead finding myself working on a backlog of schoolwork. choices, choices. what am i doing in SOAS you asked? still making lots of major choices that's for sure...

oakland heidi said...

I've hear nothing but good things about chicago... I'm so envious!

Heng said...

Hi Heidi, Thanks for dropping by the blog and leaving a comment. All I can say is that flying to Chicago from Oakland should be a darn sight cheaper than flying from Singapore. Come in spring and see for yourself. It is a bit chilly and grey at the moment.

silver-crv said...

Hi. I get to know your blog through Shutterbug. Just would like to say that I enjoy your photos very much..So much like those in the National Geographic Magazines.