Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Fourth week

View from 45 Floor, Aon building

Aon Building from below

On the way to Peoria

On the way back from Peoria

I picked Paul and Jason up at the airport last Sunday. It has been a go-go week. There was a shoot at Aon building on Monday and Tuesday. Then a day of prepartiong and getting stuff done on Wednesday. Then we drove 3 hours back to Peoria on Thursday, shot 6 people in 4 hours, and drove another 3 hours back to Chicago. On Friday, Paul went off with a part-time assistant, Adam, to Arizona, to shoot a job. Initially I was meant to go as well but the budget got slashed. It was still all hands on deck in the studio as there are a couple of major commercial shoots coming up. There 2 jobs are going to be shot on sound stages and one of them even has special sets being made.

I have this weekend off, but this Saturday was spent buying food, electronics and doing washing. The nicest thing was that I walked up and down this really hip street called Milwaukee Street and had a double expresso at a place called filter.

Tomorrow I get to play tourist by visiting the home of architect Frank Llyod Wright.

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