Monday, March 20, 2006

Bucktown, Chicago

Bucktown Barbers
I got a Chicago haircut at Bucktown Barbers. Bucktown is an interesting area of fun and trendy shops. Bucktown Barbers is quite an institution but my 'barber' was from the Check Republic.

Nicole, daughter of the owner of Bucktown Barbers

Penny's Noodle Shop
I had lunch at Penny's Noodle shop. An Asian fusion joint. Not bad, but more like Nooch than Joo Chiat Place. :)

Penny's Noodle Shop

The train tracks under Damen Street Station.

As with all journeys of this nature, the stated purpose turns out to be only a small proportion of what I experience and learn. And I love it. I had a Saturday morning off before collecting Paul from the airport. I went and had a haircut in Bucktown and eat noodles in a trendy noodle bar. There was more than one shop that I would have loved to stop in and browse but I did not have much time.

I have been listening to all types of different music, some on the computer's in the studio, some of the music lent to me by my Landlord. From the small sampling of people that I have met in Chicago, Music and food seem to be key. My landlord, John, says that it is just probably the people I meet. I have also been checking out songs on soundbuzz and Youtube.

Maybe that is why this trip is so important, not so much to learn the technicalities of photography, but to get new inspirations and influences. Being around Paul is inspiring, even if he has been doing mainly commercial work. He has a generous heart and he enjoys life. He buys toys but I think it keeps his soul fresh. I noticed that of creative people in general, always looking at beautiful things and buying nice new toys. Although it is not a good idea to throw away all your money and be in debt, you cannot be so tight that you become stingy in your art as well. It seems like Paul buys new paper backdrops for each job that he does. We in Singapore save the background paper for as many jobs as we can, wondering if the dirt and marks are acceptable. I think that if we are shooting at the highest level, then the cost of background paper factors into the job and we should not have to worry about any of that shit. It just saps important energy.

I am beginning to come around to the idea that just being stingy is not a good way to grow. We have to spend what it takes to make the job comfortable. We, as creatives, need to be able to concentrate on the task of being the best we can be. And if clients want the best, there is a price to be paid. Cheap and good is good enough hawker centers, not 5 star deluxe restaurants.


seventh stranger said...

"And if clients want the best, there is a price to be paid. Cheap and good is good enough hawker centers, not 5 star deluxe restaurants."

oh yes, how i totally agree with this. reading all this makes me wanna just travel for a few months.

kiampa said...

another link for you, my busy friend :)

Anonymous said...

I am happy for you that you are having a good time with Paul... Sorry that I have been thrifty and had been a negative influence to your creativity and your work. May you peak the mountain that you've been tredding at the foot soon. Best wishes.