Saturday, March 04, 2006

No rest for the wicked

The street I am living on

Local Muffin shop for breakfast. Letezia's

My local kitchen, Thai Village

I am going to have very little time to update this blog. I am probably looking at 12 hour work days for all my stay in Chicago, including weekends. Seriously, Paul is shooting jobs back to back to back and has several other print and personal projects going on all the time. It is crazy here but amazing how all the people in the studio just keep focused on getting one thing done after another. Very inspiring for me.

I can't put up stuff I take from the shoots. The images cannot hit the public before the actual campaigns reach the public. I should have thought of this myself. So, I am sorry, can't really talk about job specifics.

What I can say is that Paul is dedicated to giving the best images he can give in every shoot. I absolutely love this. There is no compromise. I need to cultivate my own clientele so that they can appreciate a higher quality of work. I do not want clients after cheap and good. Good enough is not my benchmark, excellent is my benchmark, awesome is my goal. And to achieve this, I need the resources to do the shoot. Time, equipment and manpower, are all important ingredients to a shoot. That and lots of creativity and focused team players.

Paul is transitioning from film to digital. So I feel good that I am able to share some of my knowledge as well.

I am still freezing my ass off, but I think that it is going to be a challenging and rewarding stay.

Yo, chill...

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