Saturday, March 04, 2006

Using email overseas

This is crappy, but I could not send out email using outlook for a few days. I was using the singnet smtp server but because of spammers, they stopped allowing people logged onto other networks to use their smtp servers. My web hosting company just did not respond to my queries on this.

So I went and bought a 3 month subscription at that allows me to use my outlook progam. .... grrrrhhhh.....

I also got a prepaid card for my handphone so that I do not have to pay international roaming rates for local calls. This is ok except my friends cannot call me on my singapore number while I am overseas. And that's good so that my bill does not rack up too. I will put on my singapore sim card once in a while to check sms msgs.

Photography trip or not, I am learning a lot just about travelling on this trip.

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