Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A Shoot in Milwaukee

Paul and Leasha went to do a shoot in Mississippi over the weekend and arrived back in Chicago at Midnight on Sunday. They picked me up for a shoot in Milwaukee at 6.15am on Monday morning. Pual works really really hard. Here I am in the kitchen at 6am waiting for them.

Jason, the regular assistant had to stay in Chicago to make prints, so they got Adam to assist. Adam is the nerdy looking American and Leasha is sitting next to him.

I finally got clearance to show a shot from a shoot. This is Paul shooting me. I and all the people who modelled had to sign a model release. They paid each of us US$1. :) So not only do I shoot and assist, I model too. Muahahahaha.

As we were packing up, I saw this fire hydrant in the sunset. It kind of looked nice. The pole apparently is to let people drivng show shovels know where the fire hydrant is and not plow into it.

Me trying my darnest to make a snow angel. They snow was pretty tough, more like ice kachang shaving than powdered snow.

For dinner we stopped at this restaurant called Brat Stop. Serves sausages and cheese. The starters is fried cheese! Very American. This restaurant is huge. There is a sign near the front saying it seats 2000 people. I found my own seat. I don't get paid to intern, but Paul tries his best to keep me happy. :) This picture courtesy of Paul Elledge. Muahahahaha.


töes said...

You can probably get a whiff of my/our salivating envy from across the miles.

Oh ya, i just saw a whole horde of your photos - and Wes & Jo's wed shots - in Wedding Planner Singapore today. =)

Death Wool said...

OOOOH! so cute la!hahahah

looks like you are having fun and now u are multi talented eh =)

kiampa said...

you've suddenly stopped updating...i take that as a sign that you're busting your ass off with work! ;)

nerd said...

so I finally get around to reading your blog and I see that you have labeled me a "Nerdy American". As we speak, my fragile ego is crumbling to pieces. I don't think I will recover.