Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Lazy Sunday

So I dropped Paul at the airport early Sunday morning. I finally got a bit of breathing space.

I had breakfast at this restaurant called the Dodo, not too far from my house. I ordered a chees omelette and it had as much cheese as there was egg. It was a heart-clogging breakfast. I notice that the people in Chicago love cheese. There is a very nice oriental restaurant called butterfly and it has starters filled with cheese!

So Shin, the Malaysian intern, brings me to Chinatown for lunch. We eat in a restaurant called Penang and have Roti Canai for starters!! The light was great in the morning but got grey by the time we got to Chinatown. Chicago chinatown is a bit drab too. So I did not take many photos. This is one from the window of a pastry shop where we bought sesame seed balls and char siew buns.

Cake from the cake shop.

I was not really thinking of cooking chinese food while in Chicago. Too many things to buy and store for 3 months. But since I was shopping in Chinatown, oh well. So I buy food and cook it for dinner. I am a bit rusty with chinese cooking and I miss a rice cooker. :( My dinner on Sunday was barely eadible. My dinner on Monday was slightly better. Maybe I should stick to photography...


glow said...

Hey, never thought I have something to add to your blog. I only started reading some months back. The trail started from citylink, and it was way before "some months back".

Anyway, when it comes to austere chinese cooking I have some experience to share. Why don't you get a 2nd hand rice cooker and sell it to the thrift store or 2nd hand goods store when you are done. 3 months is a long time to be without rice. Or just buy cooked rice and boil vegetables with oyster sauce from any oriental store, fry an egg or baked pre-marinated chicken or sausages from the supermarket. There you go, a chinese meal. As long as you don't over-cooked anything is fine. Undercook is better than over cook in Chinese cooking.


Heng said...

Hi Glow, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I took a different route to office today and found a chinese takeaway. I will try that out for sure. I have always like to cook, but I am not sure how much time I am going to get to cook while I am at Paul's studio. Once he gets back to Chicago I may be working till 9pm every night. I would not be surprised. But the chinese sausage and eggs make my mouth water just thinking about them. :P

sandrine said...

Hey Heng,
I am not sure if you have met friends from Singapore or Malaysia. If you need some new friends to hang out feel free to get in touch with me. I am not sure if I should leave my email here.


mark said...

read about your attempt at cooking. keep trying i'm sure the craving will spur you on.

alternatively fly me up and i'll cook for you.