Monday, February 20, 2006

Time Out

I have been working like a mad man since I returned from Rajasthan. I turned the big 40 last week. So the people from 153 Joo Chiat Place brought me to the beach. They made me write down the good things in my life on a sheet of paper which I kept. I also wrote down the things that I want to leave behind and threw it into the sea. After that they dunked me in the sea. Only to be expected on my 40th birthday!

I have had 153 Joo Chiat Place for six years now. It seems that some of the people that pass through become more than just friends, they become family as well. The people that come through 153 are driven dreamers, a couple of them are studying film in Edinburgh and Beijing. Its great that people come through mixing their creative energies. Now Wes and Jodie will be making their home in Paris. Still, 153 kinds of connects us all. To the people who bring their dreams to 153 and help nourish the others, I say thank you.

I am going to be spending some time away too. I leave tonight for 3 months in Chicago. I will be interning at the studio of a great portrait photographer, Paul Elledge. I am a self-taught photographer more or less. I really want to see the entire process, artistic and business, not just the inspirational stuff. I want to see the sweat and tears behind the seemingly perfect images. :)

Then I will be back in June to open up for work again in July. I already have a couple of tentative overseas commercial assignments when I return. Looks like a great year ahead.

(Pictures by Wesley.)


pfong said...

A belated happy b'day Heng. Bon voyage.

sunflowr said...

On behalf of UpBeat a cappella, I wish you a truly happy birthday. Life's deinitely gonna be exciting :) Best. -Pauline

kiampa said...

happy bday man, see you soon!

Anonymous said...

A belated Happy Birthday! Have a great trip. See you in 3 months!

Chin Leng.

Heng said...

Thanks for all the wishes. I wish all of you a good year ahead too.

Anonymous said...

hi ngiap heng,

happy belated birthday! hui tian and i wishes you health, happiness and success in whatwever you do! :)

best regaads

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!