Thursday, December 15, 2005



RoFon said...

I see you are doing a lot of arquitecture lately, but not with the 4x5 i presume... I had my first try with a 4x5 on tuesday with maurice, but it was too quick, didn't get the taste. I also see that you walk the city a lot, and with camera, it looks like a good sign if you are looking for a bit of peace, hope you find it soon.
Ah! take a look at some portrait I took of susana on the weekend, i need some feedback. I was basically testing the reflectors I bought, snoot and keylight, and looking for a clean shot but things got diverted. I like the different feels I got.

Heng said...

I bought a 17-40mm canon lens for my trip to Rajsthan. With 17mm on a full-frame 5D, I hope to learn how to shoot differently. i.e. very wide angle. However, in Singapore, the 17-40mm works very well on my 350d as it is much sharper and has richer colours than the kit lens. So I bring it around and shoot whatever catches my eye. A Sinar rail 4x5 is not something which I want to carry around everyday. :)

It takes a while to get used to the 4x5. I like the Polaroid 55 film. I get an instant response and a negative I can scan and print. Am continuing my work on it. :)

RoFon said...

I also want to buy a wide angle lens for my nikon, but... maybe later. I also would like to go around with the camera but by bag is already to heavy. I know, i know, I have to do it but not right now, my back is killing me.
About susana's portraits, the highlight in the snoot shot is not out, but I don't like the shape of it too much, but I love the fall off, so sharp. I was not intending to frighten anybody but I agree that the red eyes look weard. Looking forward to help you with the 4x5. Keep it up.