Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Well, it has been one hell of a year. But I have done quite a few things and am looking forward to my holiday and sabbatical.

Here's to the people who read this blog, I hope you get to follow your dreams.


Ngiap Heng


eadwine said...

hear hear! follow our dreams! red ferrari and victoria's secret model gfs =)

Death Wool said...

hear hear!!


Anonymous said...

ngiap heng,

we wish you and the pond studio... happy holidays!!! :)

best regards
jimmy & hui tian

Heng said...

Eadwine, the Victoria's secret models are so plastic. Now, the Laperla girls, they look hot. :)

Hi Jimmy and Hui Tian. Thanks. Have a good marraige yeah.