Sunday, December 18, 2005

PDN's PIX Digital Imaging Contest 2005

The PDN PIX Digital Imaging contest winners.

Something unsettles me about this contest and its winners. The images are really good, but they are not images that I want to shoot. Well, maybe not all. There are some images that really inspire me to shoot, but a lot of it does not speak to me. Especially the commercial work.

I guess what I am trying to figure out is what happens if I have no inclination to shoot like the winners in this competition? Does that invalidate my work? And why is it that I cannot understand the soul of some of this work, although I can appreciate the technique.

Hmm... I cannot change my style to mimic some award winning work because I have no clue about why the work came about. I can only improve the work that I feel strongly about and hope that one day it will be good enough for other people to appreciate.

Ask not why people are not looking at your work. Ask why your work is not making people sit up and look at it.

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