Monday, December 26, 2005

December Mood

I was shooting for my Chinese New Year greeting on Boxing Day. :)

I had a great location courtesy of my friend Eric. I had already rented a Cheong Sam for Christina and Randy had brought his suit. We decided to just take a few shoots as a tribute to In the Mood for Love. I call this series December Mood. Originally I had wanted to caption the images in a funny way but I am seriously short of time preparing for my trip tomorrow morning!

Thanks to Eric for the space, Randy, Christina and Nic for being my models, Winnie for doing hair and make-up and Betty and Eadwine for assisting. All on Boxing Day holiday!

So any suggestions for captioning the images? Please leave a comment.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Heng, just stumbled on ur website and ur photos are simply gorgeous. U sound like u're having fun on ur sabbatical. Oh yes, btw, we're intending to do sth along the lines of "in the mood for love" as well. Looks like u'll have a sequel to these photos, albeit with different models (prob less photogenic ones as well)!

Hope ur Christmas was a blast and u have a blessed new yr ahead!

See u soon when u're back in S'pore! =)

Charlene and Voon Jiet