Friday, December 30, 2005

In the middle of a colorful chaos

It has only been a few days, but I feel opened up already. Jaipur is a chaotic mess of people. And even though there are irritating people trying to sell you everything under the sun, it has been a fascinating journey. The forts and palaces of the Rajput Kings are truly grand. At least they were and you can still see how grand it was in the buildings and the artwork on the walls. And there are many common Indians who are willing to smile into the camera for you. If you show them the image that you have taken, they smile and say thank you. I have tried not to promise photographs to people that I meet. Even if I were to print the images out for them in Singapore, nobody here actually gave me an address that I could use to send the photographs to. What I have ended up doing in a couple of cases where I have agreed to give photographs, is to get the images printed in a local lab and go back to the place where I took the pictures. It is a bit of a bother but it is important to me to back my words up. I still regret agreeing to send photos to a wonderful old Indian lady in a Pueblo in New Mexico. I sent the pictures to her and it was returned because of the wrong address. I did my best, but many of these people do not know their mail addresses. I think about buying a canon portable printer, but I really like traveling light.

I thought that I was being spoilt for hiring a driver for this trip. But I have discovered that it is the perfect way for a photographer to work in a new country. I get to go where I want and when I want. If you took public transport, it would be cheaper to be sure but you do not always get where you want to at a convenient time. I have always hated tours. You usually spend half the time in a bloody souvenir shop and when you get to a beautiful location, the sun is crap or you have very little time before they cart you off to the souvenir shop again! The other thing about hiring a car with driver is that I also like the fact that there is some type of local who is looking after your interests while you are here.

I have been trying my darnest to upload images to the blog but I have yet to find an internet computer that will read my Epson p2000 drive or the canon camera USB port. Most of the computers here are on Win 98 which does not automatically read USB drives. :( I will keep trying but I may only be able to upload images when I return to Singapore. If this is the case I will also be less inclined to update the blog.

Suffice to say that I am really enjoying myself. Tomorrow, New year's day, I will be off to my second town in Rajasthan, Ajmer.

If I do not have another entry, Happy New Year folks. :)

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pfong said...

Sounds like you are having great fun. Have a good new year Heng.

Even if you don't post pics, your writing is interesting enough to stand on its own. I'll be glad to read your updates even without any pics.

I was quite happy to be unconnected for a while when I was on my own short trip to WA though.