Monday, December 26, 2005

I'm leaving, on a jet plane...

I have been waiting for this for a long time and I am finally leaving for Rajasthan tomorrow morning. I have not really read the guide book but I have settled transport and lodging. I will be traveling around Rajasthan for 3 weeks and will only be back in Mid-January. I do not know if I will be able to update the blog but I will try from the road. I will take raw and small jpegs so I can upload the jpegs.

After 2 years, I am alone again, but this time I am at peace with myself. I need space, both literally and figuratively, to see with my eyes, heart and soul. Like most other creatives, I have fear. I fear that even with this freedom, I have lost the ability to see with my heart. I think about what photographs can sell and will be of interest to other people and I feel I should be practical. However, some of my best photographs were taken when I was in Europe by myself. At that time I longed to be with someone, but managed to get mentally into a place where the photographs found me. I feel that I took some of my best, most lyrical photographs in panoramic format on that trip. Those images have more or less not been sold. Only a few friends purchased a handful of images. I will try to be brave on this trip, and once again shoot for myself. The images may not sell to anyone, but they will be shots that I will be proud to call my own. The fruits of my labor.


Anonymous said...

hi heng,

have a safe and fruitful trip! looking fwd to your pictures taken!

jimmy and hui tian

eadwine said...

yeah. send us a post card! dun eat too much curry while you're there haha. inform me if you meet any victoria s. models there heh. NOW go shoot like you've never shoot before!

Death Wool said...

heya, here is wishing you all the best. and i can't wait to see YOUR fruits of YOUR labor =) XOXO

pfong said...

Have a good trip Heng.

Heng said...

Thanks for all your well-wishes. In spite of the first Hiccup, I am already feeling good, like I am on an adventure. :)

I can blog but I am not sure if I can upload images.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heng,

You do not know me and I chanced upon your blog while looking ard at photographers' works.

I am in the wrong line for too long and I am glad to say I have decided to embark on a journey that begins with my heart - getting my very first DSLR and persuing photography other than a PNS level.

I am glad I found you as your thoughts are something I can identify with, in a strange sort of way, you are part of my inspiration in searching for who I am and not what I can do.

Photography is such an enigma to me, its not that hard to pick up really but to develop that eye that is unique to me and to find a "voice" that I call my own is so so very far. In a way I am searching for that child in me again and I hope I can be successful doing it - sad to say, I still need to eat, or rather my family needs to eat.

It is very exciting to know that you are on your way to Rajasthan, the "blue houses" are such a delight to look at. Happened to see some of the works of Steve McCurry and come to know about this place.

Have faith and follow your heart and I wish you the best of luck - yes I believe luck plays a part in photography, may all the good things come your way and may you feel a new found sense of being within yourself.

Take care,