Friday, December 30, 2005


Jaipur Old Town

Jaipur Street

Hawa Mahal

Amber Fort

Jaigarh Fort

Getting these images onto the blog has been an adventure in itself. :) I went to several internet cafes and none were able to read the P2000 or the camera as a drive. I went to a photolab and got the images I wanted burned onto a CD. I came to an internet cafe that has just 1 CD-ROM drive in one computer, and it ain't a great computer. I also had to download irfanview to browse the CD and resize the images.

Anyway here are a few images from Jaipur. I wonder how I am going to continue getting images onto the blog, especially in the smaller towns? :!


Wynx said...

check if epson have a driver for those machines. You could probably get the driver installed. Perhaps it will help. Anyhow, nice pics. I especially like the one with the pigeons overhead.

ShutterBug said...

wah... nice... I like the lady at the temple!

Anonymous said...

Grea Pictures! Keep them coming!

kiampa said...

given that you're only going to be in india for three weeks, why not spend more time taking shots and less time struggling with the photoblog posts?

all the best with the rest of your trip ngiap heng...