Thursday, December 22, 2005

9 Lives - Studio shoot for Bus Ads

Studio session for 9 Lives. I hear 4 buses are going to be pasted with images from this session!! Kewl!! :)


WayneMethod said...

wow wow wow. Hot. How did you make the background look alittle dark on the top? wonderful studio shots. I TRUELY LOVE THEM.

Heng said...

Hi Wayne, I actually failed to make the backgroung evenly white!! :)

I used 2 silver reflectors umbrellas to light the backgound. The slight darkness was due to the fall off of the light.

I also used a beauty dish to light the main subject, which gives deeper shadows and has a strong falloff at the bottom.

What really gives the 3D look in the images is putting 2 black screens on either side of the subject to make sure the sides of their faces and bodies have shadows.