Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Indian Experience begins

Well, India moves in much more mysterious ways than Singapore! The Indian Airlines flight left 2 hours late and arrived in Delhi at 2pm. I scramble from the international airport in Delhi to the Domestic airport to find the flight to Jaipur had left at 10am instead of 4pm as I had expected. The Indian Airlines people told me that my travel agent, Mustafa Travel, had made a booking mistake. The winter flight times were 10am and Mustafa had booked me on the wrong time. So on the 20th of December, the kind folks at Indian Airlines had changed my Delhi to Jaipur flight to 6am the next day. Only no one had told me and I have no bloody place to stay in Delhi!! Finally some mama-san looking woman at the counter gave me a night's lodging and dinner at the airline hotel because I looked so alone!!

I had forgotten what rubber time meant and how things are done in India. Welcome back. :) At least I am on a real adventure. These things feel more like a challenge than a bother. In Singapore, things 10mins late seem like a major crisis. Things are just different in India.

P.S. The Briyani in the airline hotel, The Centaur Hotel, was good. :)


eadwine said...

and ur journey begins, u'll do just fine sir!

Anonymous said...

Oh NOooo.... but seems like u r coping well wif tat. Take things SLOWwwwww.... :)


töes said...

Have fun, NH. Bring back some nice authentic Indian recipes for next x'mas. Heh.

ShutterBug said...

ohhh.. India's culture is really slow moving.. ameal can take up to 30 - 45mins to serve up .. but you will learn to enjoy the pace of life there!

Have fun there coz the Indian culture is so rich in itself and opportunities for great photographic moments are plentiful!

Just be careful and we'll see you back in 3 weeks!

Heng said...

Managed to make it Jaipur and got picked up by the travel agent in Jaipur as arranged.

Am back in a bustling, crazy world with great things to look at. Looking forward to it. :)

ead said...

i kinda like visualise u on some indiana jones adventure now haha.

Anonymous said...

Good for u.... enjoy the colors, food, weather and most of all, the people you will be meeting. Kip safe and ENJOY UR EXCITING ADVENTURE. :)


Anonymous said...

India is such a visually stimulating place that I am sure you will not be short of photographic opportunities. Will check back soon for your photo entries.

Have fun.