Friday, November 18, 2005

Serangoon Seranade

The going was slow for the first day in the studio. For some attendees, it was the first time using studio lighting and a medium format camera with digital back. And as with Murphy's law, the medium format cameras seized up a couple of times.

I am more accustomed to studio lighting than most of the other students but I must say that some of the setups that Geoff uses is just brilliant. It is like having microsoft word for 5 years and not knowing some of the fantastic functions available. Now I have a couple of things more and I think that it will really help. The down side is that I know that I will have to do some more expensive studio investment. Eadwine has cursed me for introducing expensive toys to him in photography. Man oh man, just wait till you see a fashion photographer's toys!! You can really go broke!!

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eadwine said...

oh no!!!!!!! my worse fears have come too soon!! WHY NGIAP HENG WHYYYY!!! Why Every single @#$#@!$@% equipment costtttttt like unimaginable *to me* amounts.