Friday, November 04, 2005

Lyndon and Pearlyn - Introduction

It is ironic that as I am leaving actual day photography, I learn how to convert digital colour photos to black and white. I am sure that I will be using b/w conversion for other purposes, but the main purpose was to find an alternative to shooting b/w film for actual day wedding. With fewer people who know how to develop b/w film and making good prints, digital is the way to go. There is also the issue that fewer companies are producing conventional chemical based products for photography, let alone black and white photography. From some time last year, the writing was already on the wall. With the introduction of the Epson 4000 printer, it was time to move. Now with the Epson 4800 printer, digital b/w is here to stay. I am sure that it will continue to develop.

Lyndon and Pearlyn's wedding was shot on the 1d MK II and the 350D with Carl Zeiss lenses. I shot everything on RAW.

I think that I will describe the conversion process in another post. However, I will mention that doing anything well takes time. There is no shortcut for projects like this. Every image needs burning, dodging and individual attention. Sure it is much easier than doing it in the darkroom, but there is no one button solution to this. Finding the process that suits me for the b/w conversion took months. I have also been reading up more and more on photoshop as I go along. Like wine and good food, getting the full flavour is a slow process.


eadwine said...

boss! if you come up with a digital e-book on how you do your conversions to black and white, how to get back details from pics and all...i'd buy it haha. but then again, if you're doing it for the love of all man kind!! eveeenn better!!

kiampa said...

i don't even know how to edit my images all at one go...that's where i'm at :)