Friday, November 18, 2005

From teacher to student

Today was the first lecture by Geoff Ang on Fashion photography. For the next two days the class will be learning and doing studio photography. On Sunday, we will be doing digital touch ups on the images. It was quite an eye-opener listening to what Geoff does and how he created some of his work. Already, there were a lot of interesting tips on lighting and studio equipment. There was also an insight into how much effort it takes to do a large shoot. After doing the same thing in photography for so long, this course is truly exciting me. It also confirms what I have said before in this blog, I have to think big. To do fantastic commercial work, a photographer needs a whole team to do the job. For me to go to the next level, I have to pull larger jobs and grow my team.

It is funny that I am now a course mate with a couple of my ex-students from my lighting course. The truth is that if I am to grow, I have to eat humble-pie. Geoff is very good and he has a wealth of knowledge. I am fortunate that I am able to be on a course taught by him. If anything, I wish that I was able to be in his course earlier, but I have always been too busy.

I always feel that I am just at the beginning and there are mountains ahead of me to climb. Once in a while I reach a peak and see a beautiful sight before me. That is what I live for, to climb those peaks and see the view beyond.


eadwine said...

dude!! think big! Neuro-Linguistic Programming says to FAKE IT TILL WE MAKE IT. You're there! so no need to fake it. Marketing strategies, adverts all cost money but if we dun "put bait" how to catch fish?. Most of the time I'm wondering why you dun want to put some adverts out. I know its not you to do such things but sometimes these are probably the things we need to do so we can do what we love. maybe im sprouting nonsense *3 in the morn*. but i think theres some logic there ya?

Heng said...

One thing Geoff said was to do editorial work to get known. It pays shit in Singapore, but to get your name next to a spread is a game. He said don't think about the cost of a shoot, think of it as an investment.

From now till June next year I am on a training sabbatical. Next year I will try and pull some editorial work. That will be my advertising. :)

Death Wool said...

to grow one have to eat humble pie. u always come up with gems like these.. u can be my personal scribe or something... i always get lost in my thoughts and nothing comes out the way i want them to.