Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Black Black Heart

Photo by Wong Maye-e.


eadwine said...

nice suit man!

jaizki said...

WOW, who is this Wong Maye-e, she took a very nice picture of you, when was this taken? where? I am using it now for you on my adressbook. I think it looks a bit too warm for been a gangster though, don't you think. Regarding Geoff's course, next time I assist you, you have to share some of the lighting tricks you learned form him eh!
By the way, have a look at the pictures I took of a plum last sunday, they are in my blog, hope you like them.
Good to read you full and happy again. See you soon.

Heng said...

I was involved in a little film. It is in my blog here .:)

Maye-e is a Reuters photojournalist. You can find her bio on the Objectifs teacher's bios.

Death Wool said...

hubba hubba?


Heng said...

More like Blubba Blubba! :)