Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Client collaborations

I have always tried to tailor my bridal photography for my clients. I have been fortunate to have some clients who have taken my photographs and put them together themselves, making the images better than if I had done it for them. The photography then just becomes a supporting actor. But I have always felt that the photography can only reveal what the couples have in themselves.

David and Sharon (Shot in Hong Kong)

Wilkie and Alice (Drawings and collage by Wilkie)

Thanks guys, for letting me part of the process. :)


eadwine said...

wah lau eh, they did good!! i'm super impressed!! the ultra man one from Wilk & Alice's Wedding Book just so cool.
The hongkong couple's pics+flash album kicks butt too.

töes said...

Yeah, agree. NH, ur photos' awesome! Wilk's illustrations rawks too.