Saturday, November 19, 2005

Fashion Class behind the scenes

I might start sounding like a broken record on my own blog. :) Even though Emmeline from Objectifs assures me that my money's worth will be in tomorrow's session on fashion digital touch ups, I feel that I have already got my money's worth from the studio sessions. I feel very liberated by seeing what a creative can do with basic studio lighting. I have always told young photographers who talk to me to use the frame to tell the story but my lighting has been more or less basic. Geoff showed me a few things about using lighting to tell the story. Right now I will say it, if you have done some studio lighting and want to take it to the next level, sign up for Geoff Ang's course now!! :)

Some workshop teachers hold back. They don't want to give everything to the students. I think that Geoff is very generous. And I think that he can afford to be because he has so much to give that if we only follow his techniques, we could only be second class Geoff Angs. The challenge will be to learn from his attitude and push ourselves beyond ourselves.

I will eventually put some of the resulting shots on the blog but you can already see from the backstage shots the type of things happening.

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