Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Geoff Ang Experience

Here are some of the images from the class on fashion photography that I took with Geoff Ang. I have been a bit jaded with photography of late and this was the photographic equivalent for me of a double expresso!! Thanks Geoff.

So what did I learn from this three and a half days with Geoff? I am sure that every student took away different things from this course. Well, for me, it was strange that everything that I learnt technically, I had already had some knowledge of it. Both in the studio and in photoshop this applied. It was the way that Geoff used the tools in the studio and photoshop, maximizing the potential that was really the eye-opener. So the things I learnt was

1. There are no rules in the studio, play and find new solutions to the final image.

2. If there is a need for a certain look or result, sometimes you have to spend the money. The obvious one now is that I am considering buying a medium format back. I still have to consider my clientele, but this is on my mind. The ring flash and a portable lighting system are now also under consideration. I have to consider how often these new equipment will be used and for which clients.

3. You have to work very hard. Geoff showed us some videos of the shoots that he has done, and it is a full commitment thing. He does not stinge on the things that he needs to make his shoot work, like lights, talent, props. It has confirmed in my mind that stingy attitudes will result in less than satisfactory images. He pays a lot of attention to detail in his shoots.

4. To continue on the idea of being stingy, sometimes you have to do your dream jobs for free or you will never get to do them. Geoff showed us three of his LookBook shoots where he personally put his own money into the shoot, but the results are stunning. It may sound stupid to some, but he is getting work now because he proved that he could pull off his vision.

5. One thing I learnt about my own journey is that I cannot use some of the techniques from fashion. I am going to be a portrait photographer and some of the lighting setups are too extreme. Normal people just cannot take that type of lighting. I guess that we all know it, but once again, fashion images are idealizations. But hey, I learnt a few really fun things. :)

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