Tuesday, November 29, 2005

APSN outakes

The sun came out for me again today. It was the last shoot for the APSN 30th anniversary book. This could very well be my last paying job for the year!! Wooppeee!! I get to play now! But what a last shot!! It was the light. I keep telling people that nobody lights as well as God. :)

Here are a few of my favourites that for various reasons will not make it to the book.


jaizki said...

Hi there,

I am willing to see the non-outtakes if this have been discarded.
Today I read something by Constantin Stanislavsky that reminded me of you:
"Let the artist live, let him be enchanted, disappointed, happy; let him suffer, love and live through the entire gamut of human emotions, but let him at the same time learn to recreate his life and his emotions into art!"
Looks a lot like Robert Henry also eh! Cheers.

pfong said...

Of course God does great lighting. But you have to work according to the light guy's schedule and not yours though :-)

Heng said...

Hi Jaizki, an artists goes through the pain and happiness of life so that the audience reflect on their own lives through the art they see.

Hi Paul, the schedule is never yours. Do you want to work in the studio, or shoot elephants in Africa, or capture lions in Singapore? When is the schedule ever truly yours? :) You have to wait for grace.