Thursday, November 24, 2005

Earth From Above

I am finally finding some free time in my life and I ended up at the top end of Orchard Road. I took the opportunity to look at Yann Arthus-Bertrand's exhibition Earth from Above. It is an exhibition that is at once awe-inspiring in it's beauty and depressing in the reflection of the worse of our human behaviour. There were little facts printed on the bottom of the images and one such fact was,

80% of the world's welath is owned by 15% of the inhabitants of the richest countries.

We are so caught up in these little dramas of our own lives, and it seems like the world is dying right under our feet. In my mind our 'problems' seem so trivial compared to the fact that the natural disasters that we will be facing in the future are being caused by our behaviour now.

See the exhibition and marvel at how large the world outside Singapore is and how fast we are killing it.

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jimmy go said...

hi heng,

i saw that exibition too. its pretty sad we're the makers of our doomsday... :(