Thursday, October 20, 2005

Wayang at Eunos - Details

In the last post, I put up images from the Wayang that was more general because they were chosen for the Wayang people. I made prints for them as a token of appreciation.

In this post I am sharing the details that always catch my eye. The small and bigger things that intrigue me.

How is the 5D? The image quality is astounding for digital. The focussing is not as fast as the 1D MkII but I have never been a sports type photographer. The focussing is fast enough for me and I have never needed anything more than 1 continous frame per second. The full frame lets me optimise my 24mm lens. The viewfinder is great for an aging photographer like me. :)

The downside? The body is slightly bulky for my asian hands. I prefer the 350D in terms of size. I will use the 5D for professional work and trips. I know that I need the resolution. I am not selling the 350 because I can carry it around daily.

So far there are many plus sides to digital capture for work. Still, there is a certain thiness in the saturation. I cannot get shots like that from Velvia or 100VS. The other thing is that no matter how I do the conversion, there is something missing in black and whites. Even if I am making digital b/w prints, the textural feel of scanned b/w film beats digital conversion. I am working on this though.

My 2 cents worth.


pfong said...

Marvellous series. It's very interesting to see the two sets, the "for client" work, and the set that follows your own vision.

I like both sets, but particularly enjoy the shot with the mirror reflection and the shot of the performer playing with the gameboy.

Colour rendition of the latest set is very clean. I thought you might have done a partial desaturation to get that look.

Well done on the lighting and exposures for all of these. I find night performances extremely difficult to pull off well.

Heng said...

There was a new version of the raw processing software, Digital Photo Professional with the 5D. Now version 2. What happened is that sharpening is automatically set in DPP to 3 in this new version. I did not notice this when I processed the first set. In the latest set, I eased off the sharpening to 1 or 2 depending on the image. This also had the effect of decreasing apparent saturation.

lancerlord said...

Cool. Like the shot of the person playing the handheld. Mix of old and new. Got cool cool looking watch some more. :)