Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Changing Directions

I have been a professional photographer for six years now. I started shooting actual day wedding photographs for clients about four years ago. It has been a while since my sister's wedding in 1989 where I first took pictures at a wedding. I also shot for friends but my first paying client was four years back.

Weddings are fun and it is quite a privilege to shoot someone's wedding. There is a lot of trust tor someone to ask you to shoot their wedding. For the most part I have also had very nice clients. Some of them becoming friends.

A typical wedding in Singapore starts at 7am in the morning. This is the traditional side where the bride and groom serve tea to their relatives. Then there is a civil or church ceremony and a banquet at night. The banquet in Singapore ends about 11pm. In all, a typical wedding day takes about sixteen hours. Some people can't believe it but I will be forty next February and sixteen hour days are long for me.

I always thought that I was a candid photogrpaher, but I am now enjoying more control over my work. I like portraiture where the hours are shorter but the process more intense.

The long and short of it is that I have decided to stop shooting actual day weddings. I am still doing bridal work but I am devoting myself to portrait work. This, like all things, may change in the future. However, this is it for the forseeable future.

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töes said...

Looks like i can't make you work for me for a change, can i? Heh.