Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Photographers Anonymous

I think that I have said before that you can not teach the art of photography. It is a process that each person has to find for him or herself. The reason a person shoots in a certain way with a certain light or angle has to come from an inner motivation. Without an inner reason for releasing the camera shutter, our images can only be technically perfect.

I am writing this blog not so much to teach photography. I was never a good technical photographer. All the technique that I have learnt has been because I need to get a certain idea out so that I can capture the image. There are so many good web sites like luminous landscape and photoworkshop where you can get the low down on technical know how. I could not do a better job. As I said, the art side is unteachable. So what am I doing? I am sharing my own photographic journey, like how it happens in Alcoholics Anonymous or some other self help group. The idea that knowing some tips will make you a great photographer is a load of bullshit. It is a long internal journey. All I can do is spread a bit of comfort in the fact that all people on artistic journeys stumble along the way. If you pick yourself up enough times and brush off the dust, you may just make something that makes you happy to call your own.

For all the other people out there sharing their journeys with me, I take comfort in your bravery. And I am inspired by the visions and viewpoints that I was too blind to see.

Love and Peace...


data1ore said...

I so agree. Technical photography can be picked up in a week. For some people, artistic photography can take forever.

In the end, it's all about the photographer's 'eye', his or her vision.

Glad to see a fellow photographer that's doing good in Singapore. The photographic scene back home is sorely in need of fresh air and a good dose of un-Clubsnap-forum-like behaviour.

Heng said...

Thanks for dropping by. In Singapore people are much happier if you fit in. I have a friend who thinks that line dancing should be the Singaporean National dance, everyone doing the same thing together. I feel like the guy in the corner doing his own crazy dance.

orange_milk said...

I think the most important thing is to shoot from the heart, cos it's not possible to please everybody, but there's just somebody out there will be pleased by your works. Ok, if there's nobody, there's myself. Guess we have to love ourselves first...*hope i'm talking sense...;P

Heng said...

Makes perfect sense. If you do not love yourself, then how can you commit to anything in life? You will never know who you are or what you want. How do you create anything new without faith in yourself? Other people will not validate you, you have to validate your own existence.