Tuesday, October 04, 2005

My Friend Zul

I met Zul at Duke's Diner. It was a restaurant that Zul and his wife Shah wanted to run on Duke's Road. I first heard Zul sing there on a Sunday jam. It was amazing to hear such great music in a live setting, for free. :) I have shot Zul in performance several times at Duke's diner and I always wanted to shoot Zul at the bar 'Anywhere'. Anywhere is where Zul and his band, Tania, play. Unfortunately, Anywhere closed down and I did not get to shoot Zul there. The good thing is Tania needed some new publicity photogaphs as they are now playing at Harry's! Wow!!

Shooting the group shot of Tania was a simple affair. However, I finally got Zul where I wanted him, in front of my portrait lens!! I take a lot of photographs for a living. These pictures of Zul and pictures like these are what makes me feel alive!!
In my heart of hearts, I still wish that I could have done these portraits at Anywhere, but I am just happy to have taken these shots. :)


eadwine said...

did zul used to sing this song called "beat the drums" or something?

Heng said...

Hmm. You got me there Eadwine. :)

miles said...

Really nice shots, the third one down especially, looks like you really captured the feeling! Great work.