Saturday, October 22, 2005

Signs of Life

My wedding work has quietened down naturally and my time has freed up. It is a nice surprise that interesting things have happened to me lately, reminding me that my life is a wonderful journey and that I should not stop because of fear. :)

On Thursday, on a whim, I took on a copy job. It was to photograph the work of award winning copyrighter Paul Tan. He brought in advertisements from early on, advertisements full of wit. Copy work is boring but this assignment was an eye opener. Paul was the first of a group of people to pass through my studio in 3 days, reminding that one must life live to the full. Here is a piece of work that Paul worked on.

Then my good friend Greg Burns came down to be the first victim of a series of portraits called The textured series. Being out of personal work for a while I had my fears about what I can do, but having Greg as my first subject was great. I was able to play around with the angles and shots and I now have a better idea on how to develop the series. We also had a lot of fun talking about art.

Then I decided to shoot some really cute toys made of tin that I bought from Hong Kong.

The real surprise today was that after shooting Greg and my toys, a singer called Bobz called me up. I had approached him at Foster's and asked if he would sit for me. He gave me his name card but due to all the work that I was doing I never called him. He is returning to Perth with his wife Candice, and just found my name card amongst his stuff. He decided to call me to see if I wanted to shoot him still. I wanted to relax but something told me that I wanted to shoot him and so Candice and Bobz ended up in my studio for an impromptu shoot. I think that nerves got to all of us but it was great meeting a journeyman of life. His wife Candice, is a Singapore Idol finalists. And now they are going to be a band together in Australia. It is great finding a partner that can accompany you on your journey, someone who is willing to try things and learn with you. I think we could have done better but we still got some decent shots.

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pfong said...

That last portrait is pretty cool.

I like the way the woman and the guitar seem to merge, the shoulderstrap with the line of her arm. The singer and the guitarist producing music in harmony.