Thursday, October 13, 2005

Quote from Art & Fear

The discouraging truth is that the rest of the world neither cares whether you make art, nor has much interest in buying it if you do.

This is a quote in the chapter "The Academic World". In the next chapter "Conceptual Worlds",

Writer Henry James once propsed three questions you could productively put to an artist's work. The first two were disarmingly straightforward: What was the artist trying to achieve? Did he/she succeed? The third's a zinger: Was it worth doing?

I live in a country that is practical and art is the most impractical thing I can think of. And daily, with a chorus of "Can you earn money behind me?", I wonder if what I am doing is worth it. People pay me for practical work with an artistic flair, like my wedding work. But so few people buy my art pieces.

The only real reward I can expect from my 'Art Photography', is the process of creation itself.

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