Friday, January 26, 2007

JPG Magazine Entries

I submitted a couple of images to JPG Magazine and I am supposed to pimp them myself. I am not shameless enough to spam people's mail boxes, but if you are reading my blog, GO VOTE FOR MY IMAGES!!

I would use sex to sell my entries, but then if you kept looking at some babe on my blog, you would not be voting for me would you????? So no eye-candy, no 'It will make you hard all night!' No, 'Make her beg for more' promises. Sorry, nada. Just vote for me ok? Would make me feel good if I got into the magazine. Not sure if getting into the magazine would be as good as Viagra of Cialis. Tell you what, vote me in and if I ever try Viagra and Cialis, I will do a comparison and post it on my blog. Was getting into JPG Magazine as good as a tablet of Cialis????

Man.... I don't think I am very good at this pimping thing am I? No wonder I am crap at prostituting my photography for money.....

2 Feb 2007

Well. The voting for JPG magazine is over. Thanks to everyone who voted for my images. :)


pfong said...

Done. Good pimping :-)

Heng said...

Thanks Paul. :)

Lez said...

Voted! Love the photos & with the extra pimping thrown in, how can a woman resist :-D