Monday, January 15, 2007

Geek Storage

Well. Things are never perfect are they? But at least things are improving. At least I have decided how to store files in my office. I have bought 4 of the Infrant Readynas NV+ storage casings. In each casing I have put in 4 x 500GB drives. Now the box is hardware RAID5. Meaning, that there is some clever redundancy somewhere and if one of the drives fails, I can replace the drive and all my information is safe. As one drive is needed for redundancy, I have 1.5 terabytes of storage in one box right now. I have fitted out 2 boxes with drives which means I now have 3 Terabytes of storage online. I bought another 2 boxes but have not fitted them out because there is a special offer on for the boxes. The list price of each box is $1,280. The special offer ended yesterday, but it was selling at $1,080. So I saved $800 on 4 boxes.

I have fitted out 3 Teras of storage because I am archiving my work and I need that much storage right now. At the moment, the best price per gig is the 300GB drives, but in the long I figured it is better to go with the 500GB drives. One thing to note though, the 1TB drives are now out. And the price of hard drives should come down by the middle of the year. If I bought 500GB drives then, I would have 6 Teras of storage online. But if I just wait till when I need the storage, I may just buy 750GB drives. Yeah, it all sounds crazy, but there is a method to my madness.

One unexpected cost to come out of this is that I bought a 16 port gigabit switch box. The Readynas boxes use gigabit ethernet. Considering the amount of information I am shifting around, the gigabit exthernet makes sense. The good news for Mac uses is that the Ethernet ports are gigabit ready! PC users can buy a pci gigabit adpator for $49.

Now, if you understand all this, then you are truly a geek too.

Now, if only that bloody archiving of my old work gets done. I have been waiting for over a year for this archiving to be completed.


Chris said...

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Heng said...

HI Chris,

Thanks for your reply. It costs US$9.95 to store 5 gigs of info a month. I already have 2 teras worth of info, or 400 times 5 gigs. It will cost me US$3,980 a month to save this much storage. When I hit 6 teras it will cost just under US$12,000 a month to use this service. I cannot afford that. My entire 6 tera storage system will cost me less than one month's rental iwth IBackup.