Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Website distraction

I have been in geek phase since Christmas. What with all the hardware and software maintenance I have done. I have spent way too many nights staring at the computer screen. But here are a few of the photographic distractions and inspirations.

Ok, you all know Flickr and I am not going to advertise it anymore. There are good photographers and images on the site, but you have to wade through a mountain of crap to find the gold.

My old friend Wesley has asked me to look at, and it looks better. Lots of professional stuff.

What is really making me loose sleep though is altphotos. To see the best, you have to look at their all time favourites. There is also a slideshow function that shows the newest postings to the sight. I have to thank Shin for introducing me to this site. I love the textures in all the photographs. There seems to be so many good photographers from Eastern Europe. And they all seem to still be shooting film in square format. Gasp.

I am inspired and am playing around now with a second hand Mamiya 6 MF from B & H.


Chi Kuang said...

Hey Ngiap heng, checked out altphotos and the images there are amazing. Thanks for the heads up.

ead said...

woohoo!!! a new spot to surf to. i see u posted some works there too

Danny said...

Have been a fan of your website.
Can check out this for some interesting photos.