Monday, January 08, 2007

A New Year

I start this new year with a new team at The Pond. Abby is my office manager, Shin is my Studio manager and Anvin is my digital assistant.

I have all my new lighting equipment in. Portable profoto packs to let me travel and shoot regionally.

It has been a long arduous year in 2006, but the archiving of my work has come some way. However, there are still major parts to be done. But that work is from the beginning of my career and is not that important.

As I am waiting for Adobe Photoshop CS3 and the price of hard drives to drop, I am still not in a stable computer configuration in the office yet. I hope to get things sorted by mid-year.

Work is slow at the moment and I am trying to get my photography seen out there. I am working on a portfolio brochure to mail out.

I won a merit prize in the Digital Art against aids competition. I think the image get flashed at the Heren's digital billboard.

I am in a place of transition, full to potential and busily laying the foundation of the road ahead. It is not very glamorous, but there is a good fight to look forward to.

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