Saturday, January 20, 2007

More Web site distractions

The goal of my archiving is coming closer. To get all the digital work that I have shot in the last three years onto network attached storage. But the closer the end gets, the more small irritating problems arise. Without the whole long boring story, I have to do some maintenance on my network attached drives, and it takes a long time. Sigh. So I sit around hoping to go to sleep but waiting for drives to do things. Takes hours.

In the meantime I am surfing images on the web. Wondering how there can be so much wonderful photographic talent out there, and why on earth my images are still lacking in so many ways I cannot even begin to comprehend. The experience is both inspiring and overwhelming. But here are a couple of recommendations,

Art Nudes - If you are looking for titillation, this is not the place. In fact some times I wonder how people here can take nudes that positively turn me off by their obviousness. On the other hand, I also get informed of stunning work by people like Theirry LeGoues.

Afuckaday has much more porn content than art nudes. I mean the title is there for a reason right? But there is still some great photography here.

JPG magazine is not necessarily the type of photography that gets my attention. But, like alt photos where I got the link from, here are many simple images that work because of people's eye for detail. Inspiration for opening our eyes and just seeing.

Filemagazine was a suggestion given by a reader of my blog. It is like JPG magazine, but emphasizes the quirk, unexpected aspects of photography.

Art Photo Blog is another photo blog. It is new. I got the link from Art Nudes. And it looks interesting.

Now, just take a look at the amount of incredible imaging happening out there in the world. It gives me a rush like what 99% of photography in Singapore does not. The question is 'Why do our Singaporean images seem to lack a sense of joy and life?????'


Anonymous said...

maybe singaporean photography IS ACTUALLY reflecting the real state of things here. ;-) wes

Heng said...

To be honest Wes, that is what scares me.

pfong said...


I guess that we see less of that type of photography because it's not easy to catch joy filled moments. The rapport and comfort level with the photographer has to be there.

Sounds like a good time to start a new photographic movement in Singapore.

I think I'll look out for something joyous to photograph!

rob said...

I wouldn`t call it "porn" though..... :-)

Heng said...

Hahaha. Sorry, Rob. Force of habit. In Singapore almost anything is porn. But it seems to be ok if it is advertising. :)