Friday, February 02, 2007

Iviewmedia Pro

The exercise to archive and catalog my images has been going of for more than a year now. It started before I took my sabbatical last year. It has been a long arduous journey. However, last week, all my personal work for the last two years were uploaded to network storage drives and cataloged with Iviewmedia Pro. I have had the programme for over a year but this was the first time I had a substantial amount of images cataloged.

I must say that it was a pleasant surprise for me. It was quite a kick seeing all the photographs that I have taken from simple digital capture to my latest personal projects. The catalog previews were fast. And I was able to start creating sets for my portfolio and other catergorizations. I was worried that the learning curve would be steep, but after making a few decisions on how previews should be made, the rest of the Iviewmedia Pro is quite intuitive. In fact, I was able to pick out some duplicated files immediately.

Although Iviewmedia Pro is not an essential tool to have as a photographer. I realised how useful such a cataloging tool can be in maintaining portfolio sets and organising images for tasks like exhibition planning and reviewing one's photographic progress.

As important as photography is to a photographer, that is not the end all and be all. Organisation and a will to review one's work enables the photographer to have a deeper understanding of his or her own strengths and weaknesses. With respect to this, a cataloging tool is very useful, if not essential.


jaizki said...


how is life? I've been checking your blog all along the trip back home but never found the time to write. I just read your post on the Iviewmedia pro and I am not sure if you purchased it yet or not but I'd like to recommend you 'extensis portfolio', I think it has some more features that make ti worth a try. Good luck and keep on doing that search of yours.

Heng said...

Hi Jaizki, I hope that you are well too. Congratulations on you trip. I am sorry that I did not have anything to say on your blog.

Things are very well for me. I have a good team at The Pond and better equipment. I think my time in Chicago is paying off as well. I think you have seen yourself, there is, I feel, more focus in my work.

I will keep going. I will be in Tuscany in July/August for more workshops. This time with Antonin Kratchovil and Andreas Bitesnich.