Sunday, February 11, 2007

Jan Sudek

I was recently shown the work of Jan Sudek He is in his eighties and has been working with textures in his photographs for the longest time. It was humbling seeing what I have been aiming for in my images so well done and done so much earlier. I love so many of the Eastern European photographers whose work grace altphotos. I have a feeling that Sudek was the trailblazer. Honestly, I have been feeling recently completely overwhelmed with the drudgery of doing things properly, and completely underwhelmed by the results of my efforts. On Sudek's web site, you get to read about his life, about his ups and downs and the drudgery and the fact that he attempted suicide. The road is not easier for any of us. I wonder how to maintain my sanity.


pfong said...

I don't want to follow the model where you have to suffer to produce great art :-)

Life isn't supposed to be a support system for Art. It's the other way around.

btw, your portrait of the afro dude is very good. Simple, stripped of ornament and revealing character and personality.

Francis K said...

I agree, will not follow the model.

BTW Heng... I like your photo better than Jan Sudek.

Heng said...

Thanks for your comments. Much appreciated. ;)