Sunday, August 13, 2006

Timeless - The Art of Wedding Photography

I have this space in Citylink where I display my photographs till the end of the year. It has become hard for me to keep changing the display myself and I thought that I would put up the work of some photographers that I respect. So I am letting some wedding photographers put up images from their actual wedding day photographs. The exhibition is Called Timeless and will be on at Citylink on September and October 2006.

The photographers whose work will be on display are
Hwang Chi Kuang
Eadwine Lay
Ron Lee
Chen Wan Sheng

I have been selecting the images with the guys and it is coming along nicely. I hope that this will help them and be inspiring to other photographers and couples.


ead said...

Im so excited!!

just realised its


Heng said...

So sorry Eadwine. I have updated the link.

wansheng said...

u rock!:)

anyways, my name is wan sheng not wang sheng... :)

ShutterBug said...

Yippee! Can't wait already...

pfong said...

looking forward to seeing your work.